We believe that play is the medium through which children make sense of their world and value the holistic way children learn through cognitive, social, cultural, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. We encourage children to explore their world in ways that are meaningful to them. Respect for each other and the environment is fostered.

We value the uniqueness of each child and provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment which is rich in opportunities for literacy and numeracy, an environment where creativity is recognised, encouraged and supported, an environment where children are encouraged to explore and experiment.

We believe that a stable rhythm of routines is important. Boundaries of acceptable behaviour are consistent, so children feel secure and comfortable.

We acknowledge our bi-cultural heritage and respect the different cultures that make up our society. Opportunities to learn with, and alongside others are fostered at Bright Beginnings amongst the diversity of our families and within our wider community. We value the collaborative relationship we have with our families and the contributions they make towards their child’s learning.